Why Mark

Some say I’ve reinvented the Health, Wellness & Fitness field. On the contrary, I just simplified the complicated, I put an end to the convoluted and ridiculous. Let me be clear on two things: 1- there are no short-cuts in life 2- without health, you have no life. I believe everyone has the power to transform their own health, life and happiness.

I bring together the three pillars of health, wellness and fitness. Through a combination of best-in-class training and my game-changing experiences, my clients trust me to help them reassess their life choices, to grow stronger bodies and minds.

Through education, inspiration and accountability, I play a part in enabling a healthier lifestyle and mindset that enhances the chances of a thriving career, sustainable balance and a happier, longer life.

I know effective solutions must be custom designed to the individual, and there must also be a strategic fit when supported by a team or organization,

I analyzed the needs of both, and set in place a strategic long-term plan to educate. More importantly, I encourage and enable sustainable behavioural change to apply their learnings.

I understand how to get people and teams to implement, prioritize, adapt, and execute on the goals they have been trying to do on their own forever, or to take their game to a higher level.

As a behaviour change expert, I earn buy-in, establish a winning, supportive environment, that drives measurable results, and provides a life-changing return on your investment.

With close to forty years in the health wellness and fitness space, I have spent decades and ten’s of thousands of hours researching, testing, and implementing ground-breaking programs.

I’ve been fortunate to have been exposed to some of the worlds’ most successful people in their fields. I’ve learned success comes from the repetition of mundane tasks, not the implementation of complicated techniques and methodologies.

Let’s start our dialogue, “What is it that you want? What are you looking for?” and we’ll team together to over-coming the hurdles that have held you back. Your gold-medal performance awaits!