It comes to no one’s surprise that being healthy increases health span (as well as lifespan), increases wellbeing, energy and your overall happiness.

A common theme to Mark’s multiple keynotes - all of which are customized to the specific organization and the audience - centres around that the things we take for granted throughout our childhood and into our early adult years. Mark refers to this as “The Invincible Years” because we are generally of the mindset that it doesn’t matter what we do, everything will work out just fine.

Surprise. A reality check informs us that unfortunately, more and more data is coming out (and from personal experience and years of research) that proves to be just the opposite. We are far from fine and every choice or decision we make has a dramatic impact on our wellbeing later in life. Many illnesses that used to be thought of as “illnesses of aging” are creeping into our lives at an earlier and earlier stage. By the time even your youngest employees enter the workforce, many are already ailing in one form or another.

Marks expertise on the above stems from the fact that his greatest achievement may be in continuing to maintain an elite athletes’ physique and conditioning level three decades after his gold medal performance!

A five-time Canadian Olympian, Gold Medalist, and world-recorder holder. Mark’s clients today include the game-changers in professional sport, entertainment and the business world.

An inspirational storyteller, who creates anticipation, and makes an emotional connection, Marks audiences remember him and his extraordinary journey and life changing insights, months after the event. Mark is down-to-earth relatable, and shares his vulnerability and lessons learned to help others embrace change, and overcome life’s challenges while seizing opportunities.

Are your employees, leadership team, teammates and stakeholders looking for inspiration integrated with empowerment and enablement to elevate their business and life performances? Contact Mark and he’ll customize and craft a story that you and your team will remember!