Coach Trainer for Professional Athletes, Elite Amateurs, Executives and Weekend Warriors.

A five-time Canadian Olympian, Gold Medalist, and world-recorder holder, Mark is widely recognized as one of the fastest human beings from a still start in the history of track and field hurdling.

Marks greatest achievement may be in continuing to maintain an elite athletes physique and conditioning level three decades after his gold medal performance!

Mark believes health and wellness go together and are the formula for sustainable success in sport and business - health is a long-term commitment not a fad or a diet. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts to better health. Heath, wellbeing, happiness and productivity is not a basic right, it takes a lot of hard work (but we have found the formula to minimize that work - “minimal effective dose". Like anything else in life, very few are willing to make those small daily choices that enable them to have these privileges. To be in the top 1% In sports and in the business world, only the ones that are willing to put in the effort reap the rewards.

If you are struggling to achieve success in different areas of life, and are tired of watching others enjoy success, or if the ultimate goal is almost within your grasp, Mark can help you get what you want, to achieve your modest goals or the ultimate dream.

Mark creates transformational training regimens for his clients that offer a variety of creative and effective exercise methods which often includes a combination of speed endurance, core work, dynamic strength, mobility, stability and symmetry. Learning effective and efficient techniques ensure proper form, reduce injury and optimize performance, by combining old world proven methods with the latest science and technology.