I’ve spent the last 2 years working with Mark on my conditioning. As a professional athlete, with unique health challenges, I wanted to elevate my game, and break away from the traditional off-ice hockey training methods. My goal was to have a break-through season in 2018, and I certainly did.

Thanks to Marks transformational training regimen, I enjoyed the best season in my career. My customized training included a combination of speed endurance, core work, dynamic strength, mobility, stability and symmetry, all part of Mark’s track and field, Olympic gold medal world.

I’m committed to continue this training program with Mark over the next decade. My program composition is a combination of training used in the track & field world including, speed endurance, dynamic core work, dynamic strength, mobility, stability and symmetry. ” Mark is a game-changing coach and trainer. If you are an elite athlete looking to improve your fitness level, to step up your game, Mark will get you there. But know this, there are “NO DAYS OFF’ with Mark.