Some say I’ve reinvented the Health, Wellness & Fitness field.
On the contrary, I just simplified the complicated,
I put an end to the convoluted and ridiculous.
As a Gold Medal Olympian, I’ve learned
there are no short-cuts in LIFE.
I also know without health, you have no LIFE.
I help build a foundation for strong bodies
and a stronger mindset –
confidence for the game of LIFE.
I enable a healthier lifestyle
that enhances the chances of a thriving career,
sustainable balance and a happier, longer life.

McKoy Coaches

Success comes from consistent action. You can’t set goals and pick and chose the things you like to do while neglecting the rest. That’s the difference between the 99% and the 1%. The 1% are the over-achievers who constantly do what the 99% are not willing to. Does this mean huge sacrifices? Yes, of course. But that’s a choice only you can make. It all comes down to “How Bad You Want It.” Learn More about Mark’s “Domino Effect” philosophy and join his “Whatever It Takes 1% Club.”

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McKoy Consults

Being healthy, happy, and successful is not for everyone. There are choices that employees and employers must make to “create” an environment conducive to producing success and desired results. Learn more about the benefits of improved productivity through a healthier and happier workplace. Make a commitment to the health, wellbeing and productivity of your employees now.

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McKoy Speaks

Mark knows the path to success for anyone is built on discipline, determination, perseverance, and resiliency.  A behaviour change agent, Mark challenges people, teams and organizations to do something bigger, better, to dream, to act in a new way, to lead, inspire, and live a life with purpose.

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You cannot control what happens to youin your life, but you can shift your thinking, you can take your life in a desired direction, or up your game -­‐ everything is within your power.

If you’re looking for a higher level of energy and confidence, empowerment, enablement and self-­‐transformation to achieve your health, wellness, career and life goals, we should talk.

Small changes. BIG results. The power is within you.
Toronto, ON Canada